Dr. Manfred Rabl

  • Board-certified Orthopedic Surgeon
  • Consultant at Wehrle-Diakonissen Private Hospital Salzburg
  • Consultant at Community Hospital Sankt Johann in Tirol
  • Private Practice in Bergheim/Salzburg
Schulterchirurg Dr. Manfred Rabl

Office Locations

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Rabl in Sankt Johann please call +43 5352 606-540 (MO-FRI 8am-4pm).
For appointments in Bergheim/Salzburg call +43 662 457170 (MO, TUE, FRI 9am-12am, THU 6pm-7pm).
Appointments have to be scheduled ahead of time. Emergent and acute cases will be accomodated if possible.

Please note that my office in Bergheim is a private practice. It is our policy to collect full payment at time of service, you can than request reimbursement through your healthcare provider.

BKH St. Johann in Tirol

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  • Wednesday Clinic

+43 5352 606-540
Bahnhofstr. 14
6380 St. Johann i. Tirol

Wehrle - Diakonissen
Private Hospital Salzburg

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  • FridaySurgery

+43 662 6385-0
Guggenbichlerstr. 20
5020 Salzburg

Private Practice Bergheim

  • MondayClinic 6pm - 7pm
  • Thursday Clinic 5pm-7pm

+43 662 457170
5101 Bergheim

Dr. Manfred Rabl - My Services

As orthopedic and trauma surgeon, I offer a wide spectrum of medical services, but specialize in joint surgery.
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Main emphasis:

After a thorough examination and review of your medical history, I will give you detailed information about your condition and will discuss your treatment options with you

  • I treat musculoskeletal disorders and traumatic injuries of the musculoskeletal system
  • I do offer my services at several locations, where you may be treated on in- or out-patient basis, depending on your condition and personal preference
The shoulder joint is critical. Sound function of the shoulder is indispensable to use mankind's most important tool, the hand. Various disorders and injuries of the shoulder can have detrimental consequences regarding the function of arm and hand and may also be the reason for severe pain. Over the last 30 years, scientific knowledge and treatment options escalated and we now have surgical options for many disorders. It is the surgeons responsibility to deliberately and only after careful consideration use surgical treatment in order to benefit the patients well being. This requires profound knowledge as well as years of experience.
Alike artifical hips and knees, artificial shoulder joints today are sophisticated and long-lasting. When dealing with degenerative diseases of the joint itself, while the tendons are still healthy (arthrosis), partial and total shoulder replacement while preserving anatomical structures is an option. When a traumatic or degenerative tear of the rotator cuff is the reason for joint degeneration, a reversed total shoulder replacement will be necessary to help you be pain free and stay active.
If you deal with allergies or are hypersensitive towards metal, different materials that are proven to be non allergenic can be used.
Arthroscopic surgery, being minimal invasive, only needs small incisions to place a camera and surgical instruments within the joint. Using a camera the size of a pen, connected to a high definition screen, the joint can be visualized in great detail. Especially in shoulder surgery, the use of arthroscopic techniques was key to understand various disorders of the shoulder and develop appropriate treatment modalities. Today we can use arthroscopy to suture ruptured tendons and ligaments, stabilize the shoulder joint to prevent dislocation and even correct bony deformities or assist fracture treatment.
dr. manfred rabl - Über mich Information

Dr. Manfred Rabl is practising in Salzburg and Tirol. He has a special interest in disorders of the shoulder, hand and upper extremity and has a specialization in acute trauma, sports-related and degenerative injuries. Dr. Rabl is considered a specialist for shoulder and hand surgery.

After completion of his medical degree in Vienna, Dr. Rabl studied under Prof. Resch during his orthopedic and trauma surgery residency at LKH Salzburg. Following his residency Dr. Rabl did several successful  fellowships for shoulder (Zürich – C. Gerber, Reading – S. Copeland, Nizza – P. Boileau Munich – P. Habermeyer) and hand surgery (Vienna – J. Böhler, Budapest – A. Renner).

Dr. Rabl is working as a consultant in Sankt Johann/Tirol and Salzburg. In 2000 he opened his private practice in Salzburg.  Using precise skill, while keeping the patient as a whole in mind, Dr. Rabl treats an extensive variety of acute and chronic conditions of shoulder and hand as well as traumatic injuries of the musculoskeletal system (bones, tendons, ligaments and joints).

Dr. Manfred Rabl was born and raised in Vienna. He is married to Dr. Elisabeth Rabl-Rößlhuber and has three children. He has a keen interest in sailing and mountaineering.

To get in touch, you may send me an email:
To contact Dr. Rabl's practice with more specific questions or concerns, please call his office in Bergheim/Salzburg

Dr. Manfred Rabl
Dorfstr. 39
5101 Bergheim
Phone: +43 662 - 457170
Cellphone: +43 664 - 254 07 50
Fax: +43 662 - 457170-20
Email: ordination@schulterchirurgie-rabl.at